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Casio SR-S500MD Bluetooth Cash Register

Casio SR-S500MD Bluetooth Cash Register

Key Features

  • Retail business cash register
  • Bluetooth
  • stroke style keyboard
  • 26 digit 10 line LCD tilt display & 2 line pop-up LCD customer display
  • 3000 PLU's
  • 20 lines/sec print speed
  • thermal printer

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  • RRP: £210.37
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MPN Code: SR-S500MD-SR

    The SR-S500 sleek, stylish design will fit nicely in all types of business venues. The 25 standard department keys provide owners with multiple ways to track various product categories and 3,000 PLU’s to individually record sales activity of specific items. The SR-S500 offers other analytical tools that include cashier/operator sales tracking, hourly sales, transaction key and electronic journal reporting. The SR-S500 comes with a long list of functionality that surpasses most entry-level cash registers.

    The SR-S500 comes with a single station fast and reliable thermal printer that can be used for receipts or journal tracking. Receipts can be personalized with the store’s information, greetings and special messages. The 10-line operator LCD with high definition Blue display makes data input easy to check the customer transaction. The pop-up 2-line customer display provides vital information to the end-user as to the prices and items being entered. A small heavy duty metal cash drawer is standard with the machine.

    The two serial COM ports standard on the SR-S500 allow a scanner and the PAX S300 payment terminal to be connected. Connecting a serial scanner will allow up to 3,000 items to be scanned and reported. Scanning items can be pre-programmed directly into the item file, during registration as a Not Found Item or through a Casio PC programming software. The PAX S300 interface provides merchants with the ability to run EMV, credit, debit and gift card transactions through the SR-S500. Merchants have the option of selecting from a large list of processors to work with through PAX rather than being limited to only one (1) processor. An SD Card slot is standard on the machine allowing owners a sense of security of backing up programming information and if need be re-loading programming. The machine also provides the ability of sales reports being saved automatically when the daily close operation is performed to the SD Card in CSV format.

    The SR-S500 comes standard with Bluetooth (BLE Ver 4.1) communications to link up to smartphones running Casio’s Connect ECR+ free application. The Connect ECR + app provides retailers with the ability to read and reset sales totals from the SR-S500. The main dashboard on the Connect ECR + app gives a quick snapshot of the day’s sales activity and provides the sale results in a graphical format. Viewing detailed individual reports (Financial, Transaction, Department, PLU, Cashier, Groups and Hourly) are also available to retailers to analyze the store’s performance. Connect ECR+ also offers the ability to transfer the daily sales activity to the cloud to provide historical data to be viewed at any time and anywhere with smartphone coverage. In addition to the sales, activity features being available on the Casio smartphone app, programming the machine through Connect ECR + is also possible through easy to understand screens.

  • 12 months warranty. Dealer or end user to return with proof of purchase to: Casio Electronics Co. Limited,Operational Service Division, Harp View, 12 Priestley Way, London, NW2 7JD. Call Technical support 0208 4527253.